Transformative Education: AI-Powered Learning for a Dynamic Future

An EdTech platform as a service leveraging the power of generative AI for real-time interaction between corporate trainers and employees using large language models and digital twins to emulate actual classroom experience.

All you need to deliver next-generation corporate learning

Enhance your existing Learning Platforms using our AI-assisted services


A one-stop solution for all your training needs


Transfer your learning experience to the virtual world using just five easy steps.

  • Establish your own online academy under your personal brand and launch it within minutes. Sign up now. Take a 14-day free trial and create your own learning portal instantly.
  • Build an interactive course and schedule a live class. Create and or a self-paced course in a minute. Benefit from inbuilt template to structure a course.
  • Transfer content to the cloud library and access it anywhere, anytime. Upload text and multimedia content- videos, audios, images, PowerPoint, assignment and test to the content library.
  • Launch your class or course and track learner's progress. Conduct an interactive live class or conduct a self-paced course with Tumatar. Access automated reports to track attendance login and logout times.
  • Register learners and invite them to your academy. Enroll learners just by using their email ids and define their roles and permissions. Send them invitation mail to join the class from within Tumatar.

Smart Learning, Smarter Management: AI-Powered e-Learning Platform

Our AI-Powered e-learning Platform revolutionizes education by offering a comprehensive and intuitive learning environment. With cutting-edge artificial intelligence, our platform seamlessly adapts to each student's unique learning style and pace, ensuring an individualized and engaging experience. Through advanced algorithms, it identifies knowledge gaps, and tailors content to bridge them, enabling students to master concepts more effectively. Additionally, our platform streamlines management tasks for educators, allowing them to easily monitor progress, provide timely feedback, and customize learning paths. The future of education is here – discover the potential of our AI-Powered e-learning Platform for smarter learning and management.

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